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Medical Indemnity is a specific area of insurance that relates with the wrongdoing in the medical profession. It is applicable to accidents, mistakes and other incidents where the doctor is proved guilty of a casualty or a big medical blunder. In case something of this sort happens, the claimant is provided with compensation.

“To err is human”- Human beings are bound to make mistakes, but if that mistake is made by a professional, it creates a humongous amount of ruckus. Such could be the situation of a medical practitioner, surgeon, frontline doctors, nurses, dentists, therapists, psychologists or anyone delivering any sort of medical treatment.

As a large number of people are getting aware about the rules, norms, regulations and their rights, they extend their hands out to seek justice. This is a case which could put the medical practitioners in a big trouble.

Following this process (for the medical experts), saves her/him from the risk of costly process in the case of a malpractice litigation taken by a patient, customer or a client.

The Indemnity cover by Miric Biotech Limited acts as a shield for the above mentioned professionals who are blamed for the liability of a serious threat to a patient or a casualty. This cover gives, anyone who wants to access for the first aid and other treatments. The company gives the practitioners a chance to be able to carry it their work tension-free and to the best of their ability, without worrying about the risk of litigation. We would provide assistance to the claimant in every way possible in the event of a claim. This is an issue that would trouble any one of the mentioned at some point or the other.

This company does not provide the cover for the treatment given at the place of work, but does not apply to an unprecedented area of work or interest.

This cover is advisable to all the practitioners to adopt, as a single mistake could make a negative mark and could even ruin the whole career of a practitioner. A person puts in years of hard-work to achieve a certain degree; acquire a specific skill and become a master of that. Not pursuing the part of his/her duty, or hesitating to do so after being trained for years to build up the skills to help people should not go for a toss, just for the fear of being sued.

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