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Mir-X Diabetes

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MIR-X Diabetes Remedy

Diabetes is like a challenge to which a diabetic has to rise above each and every day.

Pancreas is a vital organ of a human body. Pancreas produces insulin which combines with the glucose content to form a chemical-reaction generating energy into the body. Insulin uses the sugar and fats from the food we eat to produce this very reaction. When there is not enough insulin been produced by the pancreas, then those fats and sugar enters the blood, leaving the body fatigue and low on energy. This situation is known as diabetes. Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism.


A diabetic has to face a lot of shortcomings.

Eyes, Kidneys, heart, brain, feet, nerves, nervous system are all affected by this lifestyle problem in the long run. The problems related to the shortcoming in these body parts are- burning, constipation, high cholesterol, blood-pressure, swelling of the hands, itching, weight gain, blurred vision or watery eyes, etc.

Warning signs of a heart stroke are dizziness, vomiting, fever, loss of balance or coordination.

The symptoms of a heart Attack are- shortening of breath, feeling faintly, dizzy, having breathlessness etc.

Fatty liver is a rare disease that someone must have heard of. Fats accumulate inside the liver, making it large in size. This rare problem could be one reason that could be a cause for diabetes. As after the fats gets stored in the liver, this organ becomes less flexible and contracts & expands less causing to produce less insulin which would gradually increases the sugar content in the body causing diabetes.

There are many lifestyle changes that prevents diabetes- Controlling carbohydrate intake, keeping oneself hydrated, monitoring blood sugar levels regularly, control stress levels are few of them.

MIR-X Diabetes Remedy by Miric Biotech Limited is a remedy that serves the multipurpose of the many lifestyle changes, along with the medicines one consumes, in a complete organic way. This remedy is a form of Ayurveda which is completely chemical-free and removes the cause of the problem from the roots. Unlike the allopathic medicines which produce artificial insulin into the body, this capsule-powder remedy treats the liver by making its movement flexible causing it to produce natural insulin into the body.

Adopting this remedy for a diabetic is a big change as this is pure way of healing as this process does not let the individual suffer in the long run.


  1. SudhShilajeet- 10mg
  2. Madhunashini- 40mg
  3. Jamun- 40mg
  4. Neem- 40mg
  5. Methi- 40mg
  6. Saptrangi- 40mg
  7. BilvaPatra- 40mg
  8. Somvalli- 40mg
  9. Vimbaja- 40mg
  10. KaranjBeej- 40mg
  11. Avtarini- 40mg


  1. Close the container tightly after every use.
  2. Keep in cool and dark place.
  3. Not to be used during pregnancy.
  4. Take under medical supervision

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