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Mir-X Female Sex

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MIR-X Female Sex Remedy

Sexuality of females is a trivial topic to discuss since aeons. There are various problems that females face. Be it Physical problems or psychological problems, all of them have effect on the female body and directly affects a female’s sexual life.

The various problems that a woman can face during the sexual intercourse are-

  1. Lack of Sexual desire.
  2. Lack or orgasm.
  3. Painful intercourse
  4. Inability to become aroused.

Some physical ailments including heart problems, diabetes, nerve disorders, hormone problems and the psychological ailments including stress, anxiety, depression, marriage problems and relationship problems could hamper the sexual life of females to a great extent. Taking some medications such as anti-depressants also causes for low libido in womenfolk.

The doctor diagnoses a sexual dysfunction through a physical examination along with a thorough evaluation of the symptoms. A pelvic exam to evaluate the health of the reproductive organs, or a pap smear to detect the changes in the cells of the cervix may also be conducted. Attitudes regarding sex as well as other contributing factors such as fear, anxiety, trauma, alcohol or drug abuse are also checked upon to come to a conclusion. In a situation like this where one is dealing with a lifestyle problem, he/she needs to be cautious and need to bring some changes in the daily routine and eating habits, along with exercising on a regular basis.

MIR-X Female Sex Remedy by Miric Biotech Limited is a harmless, (OTC) Over The Counter medicine which need not be prescribed by the doctor. If a woman is facing any of the above mentioned problems, which leads to a sexual disorientation or if someone is even unaware of the cause of this, can easily have access to this remedy. The remedy is easily available in the market in general stores and medical stores.

In most cases women are not willing to discuss about the issue with their doctor or medical fitness expert. So, in such a case, one can use this remedy as there is no harm in having it. It is made up of organic substances and the ingredients are hand-picked. The effect of this remedy stays over a long period of time and it cures the problem from the very roots. It would not chemically secrete a hormone but work for the flexibility and better functioning of the body organs so that those very hormones are secreted naturally- a process in which neither a lot of chemicals touch the body, nor are the organs exposed to a lot of decay.


The powder in this pack is of 3 grams which consists of the following ingredients:
  1. Supari pak- 20%
  2. Gokhru pak- 20%
  3. Musali pak- 20%
  4. Badam pak- 20%
  5. Ashwagandha pak- 20%


  1. Close the container tightly after every use.
  2. Keep in cool and dark place.
  3. Not to be used during pregnancy.
  4. Take under medical supervision.

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