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Mir-X Hair

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Mir-X Hair Remedy

Hair loss, baldness or scalp infections are major problems of today that everyone is facing and it threatens your life. There are several causes of hair loss and the prominent are lack of protein and nourishment, bodily disorders, genetic problem and much more.


Don’t freak out if you face hair loss, Mir-X hair remedy is the one stop solution for all the hair related problems. It is basically a composition of all needed natural ingredients that are found necessary for the hair growth and the itchiness due to fungus or dandruff.


  1. Control premature graying of hairs.
  2. Reduces breakage and split ends.
  3. Prevent from baldness and scalp infections.
  4. Provided best nourishment to hair.
  5. Retains hair fall and improves hair growth.


  1. BrahmiVati 50mg
  2. Shankhpushpi 150mg
  3. Gokhru 50mg
  4. Lakshmi Vilas Ras 20mg
  5. BrahmiVati 50mg
  6. Shankhpushpi 150mg
  7. Gokhru 50mg
  8. Lakshmi Vilas Ras 20mg
  9. BrahmiVati 50mg
  1. Shankhpushpi 150mg
  2. Gokhru 50mg
  3. Lakshmi Vilas Ras 20mg
  4. BrahmiVati 50mg
  5. Shankhpushpi 150mg
  6. Gokhru 50mg
  7. Lakshmi Vilas Ras 20mg
  8. BrahmiVati 50mg
  9. Shankhpushpi 150mg


  1. Close the container tightly after every use.
  2. Keep in cool and dark place.
  3. Not to be used during pregnancy.
  4. Take under medical supervision

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