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Mir-X Jaundice

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MIR-X Jaundice Remedy

What happens when the eye-whites, the tip of nails or the overall colour of the skin turns pale or discoloured or yellow. The body becomes fatigue and the individual goes through pangs of weakness which is extreme in every which way possible. In this situation the blood cells break and the blood cell count also decreases, along with haemoglobin coming down. The digestion becomes a mess as the fats decrease and there is minimum stamina left in the body.

This situation is undoubtedly Jaundice, the situation in which the bilirubin content increases in the blood and stool. The unprocessed bilirubin enters the blood due to an obstruction or inflammation of the liver.

A human liver produces bilirubin and bile (1 liter each day). These juices and enzymes contribute in the proper functioning of the body. The excess of bilirubin can cause cirrhosis, hepatitis and gallstones. This could also cause anemia- this is a disorder where blood cells are destroyed faster than they are made.

There are some risks involved at the time of checking the bilirubin content in the blood sample.
  • Lightheadedness or fainting.
  • Bruises in which the blood accumulating under the skin.
  • Infection of the infected needle.
  • Excessive bleeding or bleeding for a long period afterwards which may indicate a more serious bleeding condition.

MIR-X Jaundice Remedy by Miric Biotech Limited can assist you prevent the symptoms of the above mentioned ailments. The remedy contains giloy, kasani, chirata as the main ingredients. This remedy eradicates the problem from the very root. This makes the liver manage the right amount of bilirubin and process it in such a way that no extra amount of it be transferred in the blood or body. This Ayurvedic remedy constitutes organic ingredients. It also makes the functioning of the organ flexible enough to be able to produce bile and bilirubin in the amount that is required for the proper functioning of the body.

This is a capsule-syrup combo pack which is easy to handle and access.


  1. Syrup (200ml)
  2. Kalmegh- 50 mg
  3. Bhringra- 70 mg
  4. Pitpapra- 70 mg
  5. BhuiAmla- 90 mg
  6. Guduchi- 70mg
  7. Kutki- 35mg
  8. Kasni- 35mg
  9. Punarvana- 40mg
  10. Vidanga- 20mg


  1. Close the container tightly after every use.
  2. Keep in cool and dark place.
  3. Not to be used during pregnancy.
  4. Take under medical supervision

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