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Mir-X Leucorrhoea

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Mir-x Leucorrhoea Remedy

The excessive discharge of sticky, yellowish-white fluid from the vagina is called leucorrhoea.

This could happen due to unhygienic conditions, infections of the genital tract or impaired immune functions. Due to this a woman face problems such as- pain in the lower abdomen, pain during the sexual act, foul smelling white discharge, itching in the vaginal passage or frequent urge to pass very little urine. Backache or pain in limbs; irritability and lack of concentration; constipation; tiredness or feeling fatigue; frothy discharge or sore spots on the genitals are a few more symptoms that could lead to leucorrhoea.

This situation of experiencing a regular outflow of this foul-smelling discharge is caused due to the following reasons:

  1. Alcohol intake and smoking.
  2. Insufficient hygiene of vagina could also be a reason for leucorrhoea.
  3. Following improper diet and lifestyle especially during menstrual cycles.
  4. Overindulgence in the sexual activity.
  5. Excessive intake of oily, spicy, unhealthy junk food.
  6. Hormonal imbalance caused due to severe mental stress and trauma too can cause leucorrhoea in teenage and young girls.

There are many home remedies, diet changes and lifestyle changes that one could follow to cure the problem.

  • Wash the vagina with neem water or lime water
  • Drinking the water residue after the preparation of white rice and drinking funegreek seed’s water can help prevent and even cure leucorrhoea naturally.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes; having non-vegetarian food; having tea, coffee, alcohol, aerated drinks etc. could contribute in the making lifestyle better and keeping away the problems such as
  • Drinking a lot of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables like banana, oranges, lemons etc.
  • Eating complex carbs- brown rice, whole grains, nuts, sprouts; fish and low fat dairy products.
  • Maintaining proper hygiene, wearing loose clothes, exercising daily and avoiding stress are a few more.

Discussing this problem with the doctor or a health expert could become a major issue for females as most women are embarrassed to talk about this. This is the reason that treating leucorrhoea could become a big problem.

There is a one quick fix solution for this remedy- MIR-X Leucorrhoea Remedy by Miric Biotech Limited which aids in removing the problems caused by the above mentioned causes and symptoms. This is a complete organic solution and chemical-free. It removes the problems from the very roots and sets an individual free.


  1. TribangBhasm- 5mg
  2. ShudhaShilajeet- 10mg
  3. SwaranMakshik- 10mg
  4. MuktaShuktiBhasam- 10mg
  5. Nagkesar- 25mg
  6. Mochras- 25mg
  7. Supari- 25mg
  8. Plashpusp- 25mg
  9. SubhraBhasm- 25mg
  10. Godantibhasam- 25mg
  11. Giloy- 25mg
  12. Ashwagandha- 25mg
  13. Mulethi- 40mg
  14. Lodh- 75mg
  15. Ashok- 75mg


  1. Close the container tightly after every use.
  2. Keep in cool and dark place.
  3. Not to be used during pregnancy.
  4. Take under medical supervision

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